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The story behind Terre Ferme Pottery



My artist life story is all about searching for the sacred.  From the mad rat race I was in as an academic specialist physician wanting to save the world, until I was catapulted outside the "normal", because my rat-race-life did not make sense anymore.

Clay created a window overlooking a sacred inner space. A room to hear, to be, to play, to be safe, to explore. A room for love. A room for vulnerability and strength. A space to question what is thought to be success, failure, reality, dream. What is mind, what is intention, what is meaning, what is past, present and future.

The magic happened there, in the impermanent window where "Kentia" doesn't exist, but where I am regardless and ironically.

The magic happened and the mud remembered how to be transformed into form, into a vessel, empty yet full of space. 

The magic happens again when my hands connect to my heart.

I now fully embrace the handmade process and its traces. It means that mugs are sometimes not perfectly round, that my pots have a rustic look, a handmade feel, and that I am not a robot (or if I am, it is a program that allows asymmetry).

How is life looking right now? A constant rebalancing act between art, medicine, family, and the spiritual nature of reality...

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Kentia Naud